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Global Emergency Resources’ key product, HC Standard®, is the leading emergency information, patient tracking and asset tracking, and visualization package in the emergency management and healthcare industries.  It provides rapid user-customization across multiple platforms, making it the command center that

  • monitors healthcare assets
  • tracks patient progress
  • maps available resources
  • provides a communication venue
  • generates critical reports.

HC Standard® is simple to use and supports daily, emergency, and mass casualty events.  It combines information from numerous sources so timely, informed, and optimal decisions can be made.

HC Standard allows you to:


  • Track the status of hospitals, patients, supplies and other key healthcare data with an integrated software solution, improving communication, command and control of your critical healthcare assets.
  • Rapidly present and analyze key data, while also granting quick access to key medical assets.
  • Access specific items such as GIS maps, hospital room and bed availability, Patient Tracking, and more.
  • View graphical mapping in near real-time allowing central coordination and efficient redirection of healthcare assets to locations where they are most needed.
  • Capture and display video, audio and photos from the incident scene, allowing coordinators to better assess the situation.
  • Provide a comprehensive, integrated view of operations, greatly improving efficiency and coordination.

Interoperable > Cross-Jurisdictional > Flexible > Mobile

No matter the mission, and in keeping with the basic tenets of configurability and ease of use, the HC Standard technology platform meets both the critical and day-to-day operational needs of government, military, and healthcare organizations, and HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

  • Interoperable: There are no boundaries on information gathering, sharing, or consolidation. Data is consolidated from otherwise incompatible sources through multiple formats including data feeds, user input, and mobile devices, into one central system for complete and near real-time visibility in customizable displays and reports.
  • Cross-Jurisdictional: Multiple agencies in multiple states, regions, or countries can collaborate seamlessly. Share data with any number of people or organizations around the world. Add and configure users in minutes to give other jurisdictions and organizations limited or full visibility of critical information passed throughout the network.
  • Flexible: Manage routine daily and emergency operations in preparation to immediately surge at a moment’s notice to manage events, mass casualty incidents, and mass gathering events.
  • Mobile: Easily integrates with the mobile device of your choice to provide near real-time information.
  • Critical: Users can view emergency information, patient tracking data throughout the patient lifecycle, and critical asset allocations  in a single dashboard view.

HC Patient Tracking™


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HC_Healthcare_PatientTracking_radar_wStandardOur HC Patient Tracking™ system is a fast, secure, and reliable solution built on the HC Standard platform for first responders to gather vital data and share it throughout the emergency and healthcare systems in near real-time. In addition to tracking patients, use it to track evacuation or movement of patients, personnel, and pets for 100% accountability. It can scan barcodes on triage tags or ID cards to create a record with time, date, and GPS location of encounter. Responders can add patient information, video, audio and still images for a complete tracking record that accompanies the patient throughout the patient triage and care lifecycle.

Patient Tracking integrates seamlessly with HC Standard giving you the informaiton to make timely and informed life-saving decisions.

Mobile HC Patient Tracking:

  • Collects and shares data via Wi-Fi, cellular, or GER’s EWRAP™.
  • Scans barcodes on triage tag or ID Card to create unique patient record with time, date, and GPS location of encounter.
  • Collects and shares patient information, video, audio, and still images in near real-time.
  • Utilizes the latest operating systems with enhanced security, messaging, and operating speeds.
  • Maintains HIPAA/HITECH compliance for patient and hospital data.

HC Standard® HAvBED Tracking

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HC_Healthcare_PatientTracking_radar_wStandardHC Standard HAvBED Tracking provides the capability for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to accurately track, monitor, and report hospital bed counts and availability both on a daily basis and during mass casualty and emergency incidents.

HAvBED Tracking:

  • Functions at the individual hospital, regional, state, and national levels, and at all scales in between.
  • Allows any jurisdictional level to report bed data in the HAvBED application and seamlessly roll-up and report to external bed and asset tracking systems.
  • Provides easy data entry for your facilities to update bed availability information.
  • Assists users in avoidance of dual data entry and transcription errors.
  • Reads/writes data to files and to the database.
  • Provides an easy method for submission, confirmation, and roll-up reporting to a local, state, or national HAvBED or asset tracking system.
  • Interfaces with and pushes data directly to the U.S. Health and Human Services HAvBED data system.
  • Maintains HIPAA/HITECH compliance for hospital and patient data.